Cub Scout Centenary Staff
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The 12th Ayrshire (Prestwick Kingcase) Cub Scouts played a very special part in Scotland's Centenary of Scouting Celebrations last Wednesday.

On behalf of all the Scottish Cub Scouts, they received a specially engraved wooden staff from Jim Ewart of Prestwick who designed and created it.
But it was no ordinary staff. It comprised of 31 commemorative woggles, each one engraved with the name of a Scout Area in Scotland - a woggle, for the un-informed is the traditional device used to fasten scarves worn by Scouts.

The 31 woggles will be distributed around each Area in Scotland and over the next three months they will be passed around 650 Cub Scout Packs and join in the adventures of over 10,000 Cub Scouts in Scotland. The Cub Scouts will record the visit to their pack through drawings, photos, stories and poems, which will be collated into a giant scrap-book to provide a history of the Cub Scouts during the Centenary Year.

After the staff was handed over, Jim presented the 12th Ayrshire with the Ayrshire Woggle which will now be passed onto another Cub Scout Pack and work it's way around all the Ayrshire Cub Scout Packs, before being return to Scottish Scout Headquarters at Fordell Firs towards the end of the year where they staff will be re-assembled. The remainder of the woggles will be distributed to the Areas by Scottish Headquarters over the coming days.
UK Adviser for Cub Scouts, Graeme Hamilton said "This is another exciting project for Scouting in Scotland. Over 10,000 Cub Scouts will be linking up in a unique way, telling their story of Scouting today in their own words and pictures, and by bringing the pieces together creating a piece of history for the Cub Scouts of tomorrow".