12th Ayrshire Scout Troop
Code of Conduct



The Leaders and Scouts of the 12th Ayrshire Scout Troop will work together to promote good behaviour in the Troop whilst having a programme which is both challenging and fun.


We will……

·       …turn up 5 minutes early for meetings

·       …turn up every week that we can

·       …tell someone if we can’t make it to a meeting

·       …make every effort to attend other activities

·       …be friendly to everyone in the troop

·       …tell a leader if anything upsets us

·       …turn up in uniform ready for inspection

·       …always pay attention at the start and end of each meeting, when the rules of games are being explained and when being taught something

·       …respect the flag

·       …participate in games and activities to the best of our ability.

·       …not be a bully: no name calling, physical abuse or winding people up

·       …never swear or use inappropriate language

·       …not indulge in horseplay

·       …not interrupt leaders when they are talking