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  These pages show some photos from past events which the Group has participated in. To see photos of a specific event, click on the relevant image below:-
Photographs are purely taken to show Family & Friends of the fun each of our sections
get up to. If you have an objection to a particular photo please contact us.

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2012 Archive

Scouts Cairn Table Walk
March 2012

Scouts Loch Lomond
Hostel Week-end
March 2012

Scouts Culzean Camp
May 2012

Scouts at Regional Fun Day
May 2012

Scouts cycle run on
Millport - September 2012

Scout's October Camp
2012 at Culzean

The Group Coffee Morning, 3rd November

Remembrance Sunday
November 2012

2011 Archive

Winter Camp
January 2011

Beavers At Pets at Home
doing Animal Friend
Activity Badge - Feb 2011

Scouts- ski-ing
February 2011

Prestwick beach
Spring Clean
March 2011

Beaver Presentation of Chief Scout Awards
May 2011

Christie and
the Cub Scout
Pack - June 2011

Explorers Attempt
Guinness World Record
at Culzean Castle in Sept

October Camp
at Culzean

Scout Halloween Party
October 2011

Scouts Tenpin Bowling
November 2011

Group Coffee Morning
19th November

Explorers at Glasgow
Climbing Wall - Dec 2011





2010 Archive

The Beaver Colony
February 2010

Beaver Beach Party
May 2010

Explorer Scouts
kayaking at Lapwing
June 2010

Gold Chief Scout
Award Presentation
September 2010

Group Coffee Morning
November 2010




2009 Archive

Explorer Scouts visit
Scottish Television

Scout Climbing Evening
March 09

Beaver Scouts gain the Chief Scout's Bronze Award

Scout's Straiton Walk

12th Cubs at
District Backwoods Day

Scout Expedition
Glen Orchy

Scouts on
Ben Lawers

Scouts at Culzean
May 2009

Beavers say goodbye
to Maureen and Simon

Scout Archery
at Dundonald

Scouts on
Cycle Runs


Edinburgh - 27th July
Explorers and networkers ready for the off

Chief Scout's Gold
Awards at Culzean
August 2009

Explorer Scouts
receive the Explorer Belts

Beaver Scouts at the
District Homecoming

Muirkirk Hike
September 2009

Scout Camp- Culzean
September 09

Phoenix Explorers
Visit the Irvine
Paper Mill

Flag Party at the
2009 Rememberance Service

Scouts visit
Ayr Fire Station
November 2009




2008 Archive

12th Centenary Service
January 2008

The Afton Water walk
February 2008

Scout Climbing Evening
March 2008

Beaver Scout Investiture
April 2008

Scouts at Lapwing Lodge
May 2008

Beaver Magic Night
May 2008

Scouts at District PL
Week-end May 2008

Beaver Funday at Lapwing
Jun 2008

Scouts at District Archery
Day, September 2008

Scout Investiture
September 2008

Scout Camp
Lapwing Lodge 2008

Scouts October Walk
Balmaha to Drymen

Scout's Halloween

Challenge Evening



2007 Archive

Scouts & Explorers
at Ayr Fire Station

Thinking / Founders
Day Parade 2007

The group presence at the Area Founders Day and the banner produced by the Cubs

2007 Scout Show

Beaver visit to Ayr Firestation

Beaver Red Nose Day

Stewart Angus' Chef's
Badge on Nov 30th

The Explorers Climb
Goat Fell summer 06

Placed 3rd in the District
Cooking Competition

2007 Cub Camp
at the Dolphin House

Scouting Sunrise
on Arran & at Barnweil

Cub Scouts receive
Centenary Woggle/Staff

Scout Camp -
Culzean Sep 2007

Scout Show -
November 2007

Cub Halloween Party -
November 2007

12th Scouts at District
Challenge Hike - Nov 2007

Scout Halloween Party -
November 2007




2006 Archive

Cubs camp at
Culzean Campsite 2006

Kyle and Carrick
Cooking Competition 2006

Thinking / Founders
Day Parade 2006

Scout Show

Beaver 20th Party at Culzean

Cub 90th Party at Culzean
Can you spot the insect?

Coffee Morning
October 2006

Scouts at
Lapwing 2006

Cub Scout Halloween

Scout Halloween Party

Photographs of the three
Sections and Explorers

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Parents Ceilidh - Hansell Village - 2004

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